Some of our submissions

The Government is costing a 3rd runway at 17 billion pounds, minimum, at a time when we need to lessen pollution to our air, soil and water, support local economies and re-connect our communities.

We have been asking people across the UK, if you had 17 billion, what would you do instead that could support the Heathrow Village communities threatened by airport expansion and wider communities?

Create a vision using any medium – it could be a drawing, a photo of a temporary installation, a film, a poem, an architectural design or another medium of your choice. Visions can be submitted by just one person in your group or from multiple people….

…..A hub to generate clean energy solutions? An inter-generational arts education centre? An urban farm enabling us to produce our own food?

Check out some visions below or more info here.



‘I would create a creative community hub.’

brenda visions pic
‘Heathrow should have one runway and the rest should be nature reserves with education about our ecology.’


‘We could plant 17 billion trees to start neutralising the air pollution that has been created by the existing airport.’
b vision

‘There have been plans before to build a cycle path across the English channel, so I would put that in place – and it would only cost £3 billion.’


Return to the roots of Heathrow, having small scale sustainable farming which involves the local community.’

bb visionsHeathrow is a microcosm
for all things mighty and strong
but imagine a place where people
and our nature just get along.
No need to fight for air
no need to suffocate
because an alternative Heathrow
could be something great.
A harmony of hands
holding true and proud
as the land they have been living
spreads the joy so loud.
Creativity, homes and food
for all the creatures there
wouldn’t that just be enough
to insight collaborative care?


‘Lots of tree houses.’