Restorative Roots


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Over the wintery January and February months in 2016, people have come together to plant trees across the Heathrow villages, creating cleaner air, more biodiversity and healthier, happier and more skilled communities.

Hundreds of native saplings were kindly donated by the Woodland Trust and tended by the Grow Heathrow community, before being planted in Heathrow Primary School, Sipson Recreational Ground and Harmondsworth Recreational Ground, by Community Harts, Grow Heathrow, Heathrow Primary School, William Byrd Primary School, Harmondsworth Primary School. We’ve learnt loads about how to plant the baby trees, how to look after the trees as they grow bigger and the many benefits of planting trees.

This project was part inspired by the social sculpture project in Germany, Kassel, which saw 7000 oak trees planted around the city, the people of Heathrow have been planting trees across the villages. Read more about it here.

Check out some of the others who are planting trees, such as Urban Orchard Project and Treesponsibility. We hope that many more trees will continued to be planted in Heathrow and beyond as we really need it. The air in Heathrow is already above safe EU emissions levels – we need thousand more trees to really clean up our future, even before a 3rd runway…

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