What’s Your Alternative Vision for Heathrow?

The Government is costing a 3rd runway at 17 billion pounds, minimum, at a time when we need to lessen pollution to our air, soil and water, support local economies and re-connect our communities.
We have been asking people across the UK, if you had 17 billion, what would you do instead that could support the Heathrow Villages threatened by airport expansion and the rest of the planet?

Create a vision using any medium – it could be a drawing, a photo of a temporary installation, a film, a poem, an architectural design or another medium of your choice. Visions can be submitted by just one person in your group or from multiple people.

A hub to generate clean energy solutions? An inter-generational arts education centre? An urban farm enabling us to produce our own food?

As many visions as possible will be be show-cased in our gallery of alternatives and some (as decided by the Heathrow Villages Community) will receive further prizes and resources to try and bring their visions in to reality.

You can submit a vision online, at workshops around the country or by post to the local community Com.cafe at this address:
Alternative Visions
Kevin Ruan
62 Byron Way
West Drayton

Many thanks to all those who have submitted a vision so far and to all those who helped to transport the visions to Heathrow Via Pedi-Bus!

More visions to come – watch this space…







Heathrow is a microcosm for some of the worlds biggest issues, such as rising pollution, economies for profit over people and community disconnect.

Many people think that Heathrow is just an airport. In reality there are homes, communities and habitats that have been threatened by airport expansion for decades.

Currently, there are two predominant visions for the future of Heathrow – either the government decides this year that the airport is expanded, or the hotels, car parks and infrastructure serving the existing airport continues – both visions result in the destruction of homes, habitats and communities.

We want your input, skills and wisdom to create an alternative vision for our future.

Creating alternative visions is about supporting Heathrow but also imagining what life could be like if we took power back in to our own hands.


Whats your alternative vision