Harnessing community creativity to counter environmental and economic destruction, inspiring positive alternatives.

Community Harts is a collective of people coming together to develop practical community-led art projects that cultivate resilience, vitality and creativity. Collaborations take a variety of forms, from community murals and landscape art to social sculpture, textiles or performance arts.

Projects are focused in outdoor public spaces with young people and encourage collective ownership of our environment, communities and lives whilst challenging social injustices at the root level. We integrate our long term goals in to our ongoing process, using recycled materials and sourcing local food wherever possible. We work collectively; developing new ways of organising, working and reflecting together.

Through educational workshops, events and residencies, we transform physical spaces, connect communities and allow people to live out their passions whilst looking after each other and the world around us.






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Community Harts first received funding in Autumn 2014 from Network for Social Change, to connect artists with the Heathrow Villages, combating the blight from Heathrow airport and the threat of it’s expansion.

Working with schools, community groups and centres, we have been developing a range of projects that are based on principles of ecological, economical and community care, continuing the inspiring story of community resilience in Heathrow.

Since then, Harts has begun to work with different sites and groups across London and the UK such as the Otherwise club, Transition Towns network and Protestival, spreading the creation of positive alternatives far and wide.